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Do you want to report an issue? Perfect and we encourage you to take a moment to explore our frequently asked questions. You might find the answer you're looking for there!

Affirmative, it is possible; however, we strongly recommend hiring a Shopify Partner or utilizing Custom Liquid sections as alternatives to modifying theme files.

Please be advised that our support policy does not cover issues arising from modifications made to theme files. We recommend downloading a fresh version of the theme to ensure proper functionality. If the error persist with the unmodified theme, please do not hesitate to contact us for further assistance.

You are welcome to use an older version of the theme; however, please be aware that our support services are limited to the most current version.

Our continuous release of updates for the theme is driven by the need to address reported bugs, which you may also be experiencing, and to stay aligned with updates or new features released by Shopify's API.

In case of any errors, we strongly recommend updating to the latest version of the theme for proper assistance.

In compliance with Shopify's guidelines, there may be instances where we need to add, modify, or remove specific elements from our site. This adherence ensures our continued alignment with industry standards and best practices.

We are eager to assist, but please note that our responsibility does not extend to errors caused by third-party applications. If an app is causing issues on your site, we recommend contacting the app's developers first, as it is highly likely that the app has made modifications to the Theme Files.

Please be advised that our team did not develop the application and we do not have access to its files. This limitation prevents us from determining the cause of the issue.

Our support is dedicated exclusively to addressing error and bug reports. While we continuously update our stores to enhance your experience, we're unable to offer customization services for individual merchant sites through our support channel. However, if you need personalized customization, you can hire our services separately for that specific purpose.

Please note that while ChatGPT is an impressive tool, it is not involved in the development of the theme. As such, its insights do not reflect an understanding of the theme's construction or functionality.

Due to Shopify's policy no, they are not!

Before making a purchase of our theme, or any other, we strongly encourage you to ensure that it aligns with your specific needs and that the preview meets your expectations.