LA Strings Solo

LA Strings Solo

Introducing the LA Solo Strings, an embodiment of profound artistry, featuring the exceptional talent of Australia's finest musicians meticulously recorded within the acoustics of a world-class scoring stage. This library radiates with a breathtakingly beautiful sound, capturing true-to-life dynamics and offering an extensive range of articulations. Designed with contemporary composers in mind, the user-friendly and efficient GUI caters to the demands of film, TV, and video game industries. Experience the brilliance of this remarkable orchestral strings library, now available at an incredibly affordable price, and unlock a world of expressive possibilities for your compositions. Compatible with Kontakt and Kontakt Player, the LA Solo Strings await your creative exploration.

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Live Sound, No Reverb Required

This boasts an extensive array of sounds, encompassing smooth legato, dynamic spiccatos, evocative textural harmonics, and the enchanting con sordino effect, showcasing the richness of a world-class string section. We have meticulously preserved an authentic, human touch in the sound, providing a live session-like experience.


Ground breaking Interface

This translates to a concise yet comprehensive patch list, user-friendly keyswitches and MIDI CC assignments, and a complete mixer with output routing and reverb options. All these features and more can be easily accessed through the main GUI page.


Fully Mixed - Load and Play

These recordings can be blended to craft your distinctive mix, either within Kontakt or by utilizing the newly added output-routing feature. Alternatively, you have the option to use our pre-mixed combination of all three recordings for a superb sound with fewer demands on your resources.

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