This is one of the richest sections with many variations to share more details of your story. It uses a special grid system by allowing custom width and height settings.

Image with Text

You can add text content, an image, a video, or a product collection.

Image Comparison

You can add two different images that appear with a slider, allowing the user to see before and after images.

Price List

In the price list, you must select a product whose price you want to display.

With the Variant and Option sliders, you can select which specific price you want to display.

  • Features: Each feature needs a line break (press Enter) to separate them.
  • Icons: To show an 'X' or a 'Check' icon, simply use 'FALSE' or 'TRUE' on different lines.

Price List Heading

This block must be connected with the Price List blocks. Every row has its header to ensure cleaner visibility for the features you offer.


You can create a counter on your site that counts down or up.

  • Count Down: This is a timer that shows how many days are left to make a product available.
  • Count Up: This is a counter that counts from 0 to X to show, for example, how many subscribers you have or how many products you have sold.


You can add a photo and redirect customers to a custom URL.

Announcement Bar

This is an animated custom text block with different speeds.

Upcoming Event

You can set up custom dates that redirect to your product or an event's URL. You can also add dates in metafields in your product editor and display them here if you use your product as an event.


You can highlight your menu in this block.


You can display a music player in this block.

  1. Upload music content by going to Content > Files.
  2. Click 'Upload Files'.
  3. Once it's uploaded, click on 'Copy Link'.
  4. Paste the URL in the 'Audio Link' input.

Note: Ensure you have uploaded an .mp3 file as your music.

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