The header is a global section available on all pages of the theme.

Our theme automatically creates a multi-column "mega-menu" dropdown for your navigation when your navigation includes at least two levels of links.

  1. To add a menu, go to Online Store > Navigation and click "Add menu".
  2. You can create a sub-level by dragging and dropping one menu item into another.


You can add two different styles of logos to your site.

  • Normal Logo: This is the standard logo image.
  • White Logo: This appears if you use inverse text color in the setup.


This product will appear in the mega menu.


This bar will appear above the header with different options.

  • Language Selector: Enable this if you use different languages.
  • Currency: Show a currency selector at the top of your site. - Social Icons: Set up social icons in Theme Settings > Social Media.

Cart Drawer

If you need a cart drawer, this block is necessary. Without it, the cart icon will lead customers to the cart page.

  • Gift wrapping: You need to add a packing product to enable this option.


Include this block if you want a predictive search function on your site.


Trust Badges

You can add multiple images to gain more trust on your site. These images will appear on your toolbar.


If you operate different brands under one umbrella site, you can separate products and collections with this feature. These brand logos will appear in the toolbar.

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